The past six weeks have been simultaneously awesome and crazy. I have been traveling all over the U.S. speaking at various summer conferences for junior high and high school students. In the midst of these travels, a youth pastor approached me and expressed how he felt God was calling him to the stage of conferences one day. He wanted to know what advice would I give him to help him reach this goal.

The advice I gave was simple, and yet, I believe it is useful for leaders across the board. The advice is this, God can never give you the later if you do not focus on the now. It echoes the saying, “Be faithful with little and I will make you faithful with much.”

As leaders, we have goals that we passionately desire to attain. There is nothing wrong with goals; goals are great and keep us moving forward! In fact, I would encourage you to dream of how large your impact can be. But I firmly believe that, as leaders, if we are not present in the here and NOW with where God has placed us, we may never attain the LATER blessings God has for us.

In Genesis, the character of Joseph always focused on the here and now in his life. He faithfully served God in the pits and prisons where he was placed FOR YEARS! Yet he still held on to God’s promises, and as a result of both of those actions, he was able to be used in a marvelous way in EVERY season of his life. But if Joseph spent too much of his time worrying about why God was not filling his end of the bargain NOW, he would not have taken hold of the present, he would not have done amazing things in the prison, and he may not have gotten where he needed to go. Because he served God in all circumstances, he became the leader that God used to save his family, and nation.

As leaders, we must focus on the here and NOW so God can grow us into what he will give us LATER. We must embrace the platform that God has given us in each season of life and, in his time, he will grow that platform to what he wants it to become.

Posted on July 27, 2013 in Leadership

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