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Great Day at Victoria Falls

More pictures coming later today… (I only had five to do this)

Pictures of Zimbabwe 1

Here are some pictures of our trip so far.  

Community of God

Thursday was our last day at Gora Primary School. Closing out our time the teachers prepared a lunch for us all, and we sat together and enjoyed community. This type of community reminded me of a passage in Acts2:42-47. In verse 44 it says, “All the believers were together and had everything in common.” They…

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Facing Fears

Coming into this long journey, our team knew they would face things they would not see on a regular basis living in the United States. So far Tyler has jumped on the back of a donkey, Haleigh has slept in a spider infested room, Kelsie has held a chicken, Adam has held a cows tail…

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Zimbabwe Update

Sorry all, internet has been very hard to come by on this trip. But moving forward, we should be good. I will work very hard to get you caught up. The last three days we have been working at Gora Primary School in Mhondoro Zimbabwe. In the mornings we would teach bible classes, while in…

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Zimbabwe Update | Day One

We are now done with our first full day of work here in Zimbabwe. We spent the day at Gora Primary School. The first part of the day we broke into four groups to teach lessons in various classrooms. The groups were Haleigh/Jen, Julie/Tyler, Adam/David, and Kelsie/Andrew. The second part of the day we painted…

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Leaving Dubai

We had a great time relaxing, eating, and praying at the hotel last night. After a restful evening in Dubai, we are now leaving for Harare. Our plane was delayed 30 minutes this morning, but we are now getting ready to board the plane. Everyone is doing well, but we are very anxious to get…

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In Dubai Safe

So after an average of 3 movies, and 1 book per person, we are now safe in Dubai. We are currently heading to our hotel for the night before our early morning flight to Harare, Zimbabwe.

Our hopes are flying high!

Through security and officially on our way to Zimbabwe. Our team is on sky high!

And away we go

And away we go. Please be praying for our journey to Zimbabwe.

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