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Quick to Speak

// February 18th, 2011 // No Comments » // Leadership, Personal Growth

So if you know anything about me, you know I have the tendency to say some pretty stupid things once in a while. I don’t know why I do it, but I do. I seriously fail in this quite a bit.

One of the conversations I will never forget was on my honeymoon. My wife, Julie, and I were on a cruise. It was great! Beautiful day, awesome excursions, and I had just come back to the room from the Internet café. They charge quite a bit to use the Internet on a cruise, and it only worked in a specific area, but since I’m cheap, I just left the windows open so I could read all the articles on my own time, and I knew I would have plenty of time waiting for Julie to finish getting ready for dinner.

As I was reading the articles, I realized that it was May 18th. As a loving husband, I decided call to Julie as she was doing her makeup and say, “Babe, do you know what today is?” She paused for a second and then contemplatively said, “Yeah, The anniversary of my dad’s death… I hadn’t thought about it much yet.” She then was silent for roughly 30 seconds, which might I add is a decent amount of time to transition thought. So after the 30 seconds, I followed up with an enthusiastic, “Hey babe, the Angels beat the Dodgers!”

Yes, I know… Not the best transition. Now my wife, being the most amazing and gracious person in the world, responded with forgiveness and lovingly pointed out what I had just done was probably not the best thing in the world to do. I FELT LIKE AN IDIOT IN THIS MOMENT. Heck, I still feel like an idiot just thinking about it!

I can go story after story of my failures with controlling my tongue. This constant failure reminds me of James 1:19, when it says, “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”

This is a reminder, not just for our personal lives, but for our business lives as well. We must remember that in our organizations/churches we lead, that we must always lean on the side of being quick to listen, and slow to speak. In order to be effective leaders, we must choose our words wisely.


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