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James 1:13-18

James 1:13-18 from SHIFT Students on Vimeo.


I love seeing how students take ownership in bringing friends that do not know Jesus. Here is the decision count from last night’s I

Teach Me How to Pray

Enjoy another SHIFT Students video…

I got pranked

Here is the video of me getting pranked in the last message from this past weekend at CCVsocal.

Who is He?

I am excited to kickoff our new series tonight for #SHIFTstudents. Series title is “Who is He?” We will be spending the next six weeks articulating who Jesus was. We will be looking at themes like, “Jesus as the Messiah,” and “Jesus as the Son of David.” There are a total of six themes we…

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Would you pray for me?

Hey Everyone, Could you pray for me over these three items this week? • Pray for my trip to Harare, Zimbabwe. I leave Friday with a team of 8 other people. (We will be working with an organization in Zimbabwe, helping work on schools, leading sports camps/vacation bible schools, and some leadership development with church…

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4 | 12

It is a blessing to be a part of the next-gen team at Christ’s Church of the Valley. One of the reasons it is a blessing is because of the students that attend our Student Ministries and College Ministries. They are so passionate about changing this world for Christ. I have probably learned more from…

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Flickr of Hope

We just closed out our last series at SHIFT Students called “Flickr of Hope, ” and wow was it powerful. In this three-week sermon series we discussed why does bad things happen to good people, orphans, and death. These were three powerful, but difficult topics to discuss. It was amazing to see as God brought…

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Kony 2012 vs Yard Sales

This past Saturday I drove around in anticipation to see the results of “Cover the Night” from the non-profit organization, Invisible Children. “Cover the Night” was a night where Invisible Children encouraged people, young and old, to purposefully affix posters around their local neighborhoods. This attempt was to make Joseph Kony famous so people around…

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Against the Grain

Last week, even with I <3 Night, we began a new series called Against the Grain. I love this series premise and graphic. I can’t wait to see what he will do tonight. Be praying for us.

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