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Conflict; A Barrier or Tool?

// February 16th, 2011 // No Comments » // Leadership

A conflict is an opposition of people, forces, or other entities. In leadership, whether in your organization or church, you will face conflict. It’s what you do with it that matters.

Conflict can be a barrier within an organization or it can be one of your greatest tools within leadership.

How many times have you faced conflict, where you walk away annoyed, frustrated, and stressed? I know I have. Conflict can be a barrier that hinders you from the goals you are trying to accomplish, it can alter your opinion of a person, and it can have a powerful effect on your perception of any and all circumstances. Conflict is powerful.

But what if you were to use conflict as a positive tool (a resource that assists) in your organization?

Before answering that question, we must first understand that the greatest conflict of all is the collision between God’s truth and Satan’s deception. We can see this collision between justice and mercy, law and grace, sin and forgiveness. Jesus brought resolution to the greatest conflict of all; sin, giving us the opportunity to find resolution with Him. We can learn from this.

With conflict must come resolution. Unresolved conflict does not go away. You cannot run away from it, you cannot hide from it, and you must not ignore it. Without resolution, conflict becomes pointless. But when we as leaders learn to ANTICIPATE, ADDRESS, and OVERCOME conflict, it becomes a testimony of God’s redeeming plan. This victory is a part God’s redeeming plan.

So let’s confront conflict, bring resolution, and bring freedom, trust, and unity to an organization.


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