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Be Doers of the Word

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As many of you know, I am now overseeing the start of CCV’s new satellite campus in Etiwanda, CA. We purchased the former wedding facility called Etiwanda Gardens. These past few months I have been preparing my team to start this new venture. Today I went to visit a few churches in Orange County to get some new and creative ideas. In the midst of visiting these few churches today, I was encouraged and challenged by the gentlemen you see in the picture above. Yes, I did take when he was not looking like a creeper. I looked for him after the service but could not find him.

You might ask, why was I encouraged and challenged? Simple. Here is a man that is obviously older, but still serving. And it was not that he was just older, he had a breathing apparatus strapped to his back. Most people like this simply stop serving out of the difficulty these challenges present. But here is a man that is dedicated to serving his church no matter the difficulty. Even with a breathing apparatus and small air tank strapped to his back, this man serves others for the sake of Christ. He is committed at doing what it takes to serve others. Are you?

Here are three questions that come to my mind as a leader:
Am I that committed to serving others for the sake of Christ?
Do I quit serving others when a difficult challenge presents itself?
What kind of example am I to others when I am serving?

My prayer is that I display this type of lifestyle.

I got pranked

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Here is the video of me getting pranked in the last message from this past weekend at CCVsocal.

Making of the Album – Ashley Beckford

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My close friend Ashley Beckford making her first album. I am SO excited for her!!! Check out this video.

Who is He?

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I am excited to kickoff our new series tonight for #SHIFTstudents. Series title is “Who is He?” We will be spending the next six weeks articulating who Jesus was. We will be looking at themes like, “Jesus as the Messiah,” and “Jesus as the Son of David.” There are a total of six themes we will be looking at in this series. Please pray that God speaks through our teaching team and that lives are changed for God’s glory. Make sure to check it out. Bring a friend. You can even invite a friend to our online feed. Here is the url:


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Check out this video by the video director at the church I work at. IT IS LEGIT!!!

Kony 2012 vs Yard Sales

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This past Saturday I drove around in anticipation to see the results of “Cover the Night” from the non-profit organization, Invisible Children. “Cover the Night” was a night where Invisible Children encouraged people, young and old, to purposefully affix posters around their local neighborhoods. This attempt was to make Joseph Kony famous so people around the country would rally around this cause to display to the American government that Kony needs to be arrested for his unjust deeds.

Regardless of your support, or contention, towards Invisible Children and this cause, this attempt to get people to move was a valid attempt. But it didn’t work. Some people say it was a failure. The YouTube video, Kony 2012, had over 88 million views going into the April 20th “Cover the Night” event. Even with everything that people were saying they were going to do, little was done.

As I was riding my motorcycle around town to see the success of this night I noticed something, I saw more Yard Sale signs than Kony 2012 signs. What? Why? There were over 88 million views, countless conversations over this, but yet little was done. I don’t get it. This next generation is supposed to be the generation that rallies around causes like this.

Well maybe, that’s not the case after all. Because right now I see more words than action and this scares me. I am not saying I have the answer, but I do have a question, “What is it actually going to take to get people to move?”

New Series // Frozen

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I am so excited about tonight as we begin a new sermon series tonight called Frozen // Overcoming the fears we never thought we could. This is going to be an AMAZING/POWERFUL series as we discuss the fears of losing control, failure, and rejection.

If you could be praying for us as this series goes for the next three weeks, I would be forever grateful. Take care and God Bless!!!


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