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2011 Catalyst West Coast Quotes

// March 5th, 2011 // No Comments » // Leadership

So the last two days of this week, I got the honor and privilege to learn from some of the best leaders/speakers in the country. So here is a compilation of my favorite quotes that I wrote down from 2011 Catalyst West Coast. I hope you enjoy!

Day 1

Andy Stanley
“A single act of courage can change the course of history.”
“Whenever everything around us says, “go” but we know in our hearts that God wants us to stay, our decision to stay may be the single act of courage that is the tipping point for something extraordinary in our lives.”
“Whatever it is you fear, you are compensating for it in your leadership.”

Dave Ramsey
“We were put on this earth seeking for the excellence God wants.”
“You ever get stupid when you get overwhelmed?”
“A great team causes you to have courage.”
“Internet haters = cowards. It’s really easy to be a hater when your not speaking to them face to face.”

John Perkins
“Courage is not the opposite of fear, it is following your convictions in the face of fear.”
“We are the people who can make our national creed a reality… that all men are created equal.”
“We are seeing post-racists believers.”
“The work of redemption today is incarnated.”

Soledad O’Brien
“You have the choice in this world to be a looter or a lifeline.”
“Success and leadership are not realized until they impact people outside of ourselves.”
“Take courage. Things do change.”

Rick McKinley
interviewing Eugene Peterson and asked him, “you remember when you wrote the Bible?

Eugene Peterson
“I stopped looking at people as problems to fix.”
“Being a pastor is a pretty modest job. We’re not very important in the economy of the world. But we’re pretty important in the economy of the Kingdom.”
“Don’t let the culture define our position.”

Judah Smith
“Leadership is all about risk.”
“When I have Jesus, I have the sum and the substance of all of God’s promises.”
“Put your theology to practice.”

Day 2

Cristine Caine
“Living is risky.”
“God has not called us to a safe life. He’s called us to a free life.”
“What is impossible with man is possible with God.”
“God is still in the miracle business today.”

Nancy Ortberg
“Great leaders do not avoid conflict. Great leaders lead toward it.”
“Allow people to do something poorly in order that they’ll learn how to do it well.”
“You are not the omni-competent leader that you think you are.”
“Courage is not a trend, and it’s not a hobby. It’s a character crucible.”

Rev Run
“Get knocked down 7 times, get up 8; that’s the call of a righteous man.”
“Have confidence in God, not in yourself.”
“The biggest things that happen in your life will be the things you don’t understand.
“Got to be near God to hear God.”
“I don’t believe in miracles, I expect them.”
“I can sleep, because God is awake.”

Jack Dorsey
“You can only do so much when you’re just alone.”
“Technology is only great when it makes us more human”
“Technology is a tool. It is not an end.”

Matt Chandler
“God loves you, not some future version of you.”
“Stop cultivating an appetite for crap and develop an appetite for eternal things.”
“To change your appetite for things that are good will cause you to dislike the things that are bad.”
“When you keep sin at a behavioral level, it is not big deal.”

Britt Merrick
“Stop trying to be a leader for God and start being a lover of God.”

Randall Wallace
“God uses broken people. That’s all God has made is broken people.”


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