So we have a new president- that is the fact.  Hate it, love it, either way, it is our next step for America. From what I can remember, this is one of the fiercest, hard fought, and nail-biting elections I have seen.

Emotions are extremely high on both sides of the result, as it should be! When people care DEEPLY for their values and the person that embodies them on the political stage they will be invested, they will be passionate, and they will value their vote more, they will want their vote to count more, and they will defend their position with more enthusiasm.

I admit I watched the election reporting a few nights ago like I was watching an overtime- game seven- finish of the World Series. However, election results have WAY more impact than a NBA title or World Series.  Throughout this campaign I have seen people so vehemently support and demoralize each candidate. There were major issues on the table with each candidate- with their policy, their values, and how they choose to live that out. Commentary was (and is) fierce.

And now the election is over, we are still one country with MANY needs and concerns. Wounds and fears are widespread.  But if you voted, I want to thank you for exercising your American right.  I want to thank you for using the voice that so many other people fought and died for.  I want to thank you that you are using your voice because your voice is the only hope for the future.

This is a crucial time in American History and while many citizens are still marginalized, neglected, written off, and feel “less than” we all need to use our opportunity to use our stories, use our voice, use our freedom and speak out.  The only question now is, what will we chose to use that voice on? Will we speak for progress or pitting people against people? Will we speak with love or hate?  Will we shut up enough to listen every now and then and realize that our voice is MORE valued only AFTER we hear?

We have seen over the course of this campaign the damage that words can do to a person and whole groups of people.  We have seen how actions can have lasting repercussions and broken commitments can ruin reputation.

Please- as you tweet, instagram, snap, and post on all forms of social media, consider the words that you use as if the future of our country hangs on what you say.  I believe our words are power- let’s use them wisely and reshape the communities we live in. I believe the biggest change we can have, is living the life Jesus called us to live.

Posted on November 10, 2016 in Leadership

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