Have you ever had a situation, or a season in life where you get frustrated because things just aren’t happening the way that you want them to? Or maybe it’s happening, but it’s not happening fast enough?

I had an entire year of that sort of frustration.  I was doing everything I could to succeed in work and at home, but things just weren’t clicking! It seemed like I was working tirelessly on so many things and got so little appreciation and so much criticism.

I am only about 8 months out of that year of frustration- so I am still in a learning and healing faze. When we are in it we tend to be in a defensive posture, seeing how right we are and how wrong everyone else is.  But looking back, I can see how I played such a big part in my own frustration. So let me share the visual that helped bring this to light in my life:

My youngest son is a passionate, freakishly strong, coordinated, and VERY LOVING little 3- year old.  He is a master of climbing, running, and throwing- and his grip is strong enough to play “koala” by jumping onto my waist from a chair (wrapping arms and legs around me) as I unsuspectingly walk by.  Oh! And he LOVES music!

One day I was sitting on the floor playing trains with the boys and our little man asks for his favorite song (chugga chugga choo choo).  So I start singing it, but apparently not well enough- he puts his hand over my mouth with his “messing around” face on and says, “no…On your phone” and then reaches around me to try and grab it out of my back pocket.  I thought it was kind of funny so I went to go grab my phone- as many of you would do- before the clumsy hands of my child so I can help them get the right things from your phone.  But nope, “By myself!” were the next words I heard as my three-year old unsuspectingly almost bulldozed me to the ground.
I tried to explain I would find the song for him- But it was to no avail- I was soon being scaled and there were tears and tantrums…and more tears when I told him tantrums meant no phone or song.
After a few minutes of waiting for the tears to stop and some training on how to ask nicely and wait patiently I was able to- without interference or distraction- choose the song that was requested while he sweetly sat in my lap (with a tear-stained face of course).

The adult says- I don’t want my phone to break, I can read the song titles, I will be able to get you what you need more efficiently than you can do it yourself! But the kid says, “WHAAAAYYYYY CAN’T I?!!!! ”

I feel like that is how I am with God sometimes- He is the parent and I am the child.  All he wants is for me to sit and rest in his lap and allow him to take care of not only my needs, but my desires as well.  But I quickly turn into the child who wants to take control and do it “BY MYSELF!”  I slow down the process, I have to learn a thing or two, and it is really hard to listen when I’m too busy screaming (figuratively of course).

So whether you are in the middle of your frustration/ tantrum, or whether you have been sitting peacefully in the lap of God for years, I want to encourage you to be quiet enough to listen to His voice, humble enough to attune your behaviors, and still enough to enjoy resting in the lap of your Heavenly Father.

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