What in life is truly important?

There are many good answers to that question: time with family and friends, dating your spouse, losing weight and taking care of your body, reaching new goals, and serving others. But what is the difference between “Good” and “Best?” That is the question Dane Johnson posed a while back when he spoke at Christ’s Church of the Valley. Simply put, “Good” is our plans, but “Best” is God’s plans. “Good” is temporary, but “Best” is eternal.

Later that day, I was reading in Matthew 6:1-15 and Jesus teaches his listeners in the sermon on the mount how the earthly recognition is not what matters, but the eternal reward. Here we see that seeking the eternal starts from the heart. Our heart has to be seeking to please God above any human, even our self. If we make a great choice, but have selfish motives for personal recognition, we lose sight of the eternal to replace it with temporary fulfillment, pride, or recognition and Jesus says that we have already had our reward in full. But if we keep our focus on the eternal then, “your father in heaven sees what you do in secrete and He will reward you in Heaven.” I would much rather God’s eternal affirmation than my own self-aggrandizement, but that is much easier to say than to live out on a moment by moment basis in every decision I make.

What I am now challenged with now, and challenge you with as well, is to live in the present with my heart focused on eternity. Lets strive to make every decision with God’s greater reward in mind.

Posted on February 21, 2015 in Leadership, Personal Growth

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